CIC doctor Canada

The Citizenship and Immigration health branch of Canada, popularly known as the CIC is responsible for the management and administration of the Department’s programs concerning the health of the people. It ensures that these programs are delivering well to the citizens and immigrants. The responsibilities of the health branch consist of administration of the panel



RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) is cannabis oil produced by Rick Simpson from Canada. Rick Simpson Oil varies from various other cannabis oils because RSO contains high-level of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is considered as the main hallucinatory cannabinoid found in marijuana that makes people feel high. Whereas, in other cannabis therapeutic oils contains a cannabinoid called


Drug Rehab Center: The Path to Attain Sobriety

Humans are creatures of habit and some habits can tear them apart taking them towards a downward spiral. One such habit is drug addiction. According to a survey, substance abuse can kill as many as 44,000 people every year. It is estimated that 114 people die per day because of overdoses of drugs. Without any