Rick Simpson Hemp Oil: A Healer Not a Dealer

RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) is cannabis oil produced by Rick Simpson from Canada. Rick Simpson Oil varies from various other cannabis oils because RSO contains high-level of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is considered as the main hallucinatory cannabinoid found in marijuana that makes people feel high. Whereas, in other cannabis therapeutic oils contains a cannabinoid called CBD and a trace or no THC. Also, Rick Simpson, a medical marijuana activist encourages people to produce their own learning his process instead of selling RSO.

The Rick Simpson story and his Rick Simpson Hemp oil have made him popular and a hero to some individuals and at the same time some people think he is a menace. However, Rick Simpson claims that he produced the oil to treat his own skin cancer, and the news has spread on the internet and became a viral-tidal-wave.

rick simpson oil

Rick Simpson says that the RSO recipe has never sold, but it was translated in seventy-two languages on his website.  The website shows that the first-person stories pricing the miraculous properties of the product.  But, the physiatrists knew to Simpson and his friends take a diverse view.

Adam Friedman, MD said “It is terrifying” he is a professor of dermatology and at the GWSHS (George Washington School of Medicine & Health Sciences) in Washington, DC. He also mentioned that ‘this guy must stop this’.

Actually, for those people who believe that double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled researches should show the evidence-based drug, and this kind of story makes you get mad.

Donald Abrams, MD an oncologist and professor of clinical medicine at the UCA (University of California), San Francisco said that “his patient claim’s that on the internet he found a cure for cancer through cannabis, and he adds that the patients forget that they had gone through the chemo as well as surgery.”

Donald Abrams also hears often from outside his practice, people who also believe that cannabis cured their cancer. He asked them “Do you know that these were really cancers?”  He says patients always send him these emails, but most of the time they never get a biopsy, so it could be just an infection.

rick simpson hemp oil

A Healer Not a Dealer:

The story of Rick Simpson started in Nova Scotia, a small town, back in the late 1990s, where he started growing marijuana plants in his own backyard.  Then, he started making highly concentrated extracts from these marijuana whole plants, initially, he started to treat a head injury, and later to cure a skin condition called basal cell carcinoma on his hand.  When he saw the positive results, he was thrilled, and he started helping neighbors and friends and he also helped others to learn the process to produce their own oil. This Rick Simpson Hemp oil is greatly hallucinatory, contains 90 percent of THC.

This risk-free nonaddictive expected medication can be used with hue winner, to control or cure