What’s the Difference between Hemp and Cannabis?

Whenever, the discussion of hemp and cannabis comes, people tend to get confused. Within the health circle and medical fraternity, there is a great deal of confusion as many people think that there is very little or no difference between hemp and cannabis. Well, in order to have a clear idea on whether hemp or cannabis oil for cancer treatment, it is important to begin with the basic concept.cannabis oil for cancer treatment

Cannabis and Hemp

Despite the fact that the terms ‘hem’ and ‘cannabis’ are used interchangeably, still they hold different meaning. In order to know the difference, you will need to go through rest of the blog.

Hemp and Cannabis are both members of the same plant species, i.e. Cannabis Sativa L. Basically, Cannabis Sativa L, contains higher concentration of cannabinoids in them. Usually, it contains THC and CBD cannabinoids in them. Even though, it can be seen that Cannabis and Hemp comes from the same plant species, still its application varies.

Hemp: It is a cannabis plat that is harvested commercially for its seeds and stalls. The seeds are used for producing a number of products such as food, nutritional supplements, medicinal products, and so on. The hemp plant grows sturdy and tall without any use of herbicides.

 However, in order to be considered effective, it is recommended that the cannabis oil for cancer treatment needs to contain more than 0.3% THC in them. Sometimes it can also contain high amount of non-psychoactive compound CBD in them.

Cannabis: Medical cannabis is a form of marijuana plant that is cultivated specifically for getting the THC compound from the plant. The higher concentration of THC in them is responsible for killing the cancer cells. THC inhibits the growth of the cancer cells simply by restricting the survival pathway.

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Basic Difference between the Two

Hemp usually is associated with commercial use, such as textile, body care products and so on. On the other hand cannabis can be associated with medicinal or recreational uses. The factor which makes the distinction between the two is the amount of THC in them. For example, cannabis contains various kinds of cannabinoids in them and THC is highest. On the other hand, hemp contains very little amount of THC. Hence, high amount of THC makes cannabis oil for cancer treatment ideal.

Cultivation: Studies have shown that medical cannabis is selectively grown and it mostly produces female flowering plants in them. On the other hand, hemp does not contain the flowering buds in them.

Uses: Cannabis is used to make oils which can be used for medicinal purpose. On the other hand, hemp is strictly for industrial purpose.

Legality: Both hemp and cannabis are classified as drugs, still cannabis oil for cancer treatment is still not legally accepted in many countries. However, usage of help of hemp oil is considered to be legal in many countries.

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In order to cure cancer, it must be kept in mind that hemp oil is not the same as cannabis oil. Even though they are made from the same plant, still cannabis oil contains different biochemical molecules. This is the reason cannabis oil for cancer treatment is considered to be the best natural treatment for cancer.